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First Single Channel Medical Mask Machine installed in USA.

DCG Medical are pleased to announce the successful installation of the first Single Channel Medical Face Mask Machine. The fully automatic Face Mask Machine produces up to 140 masks per minute, with only one person needed to operate the machine making this machines productivity in this field second to none. The machine produces 3-ply medical grade masks with a BFE rating 99%.

DCG Medical now have the Medical Grade Face Mask Machines installed around the UK and America all producing specific mask types depending on the customers requirements.

Steve Waterhouse, Managing Director of DCG Medical, said, “As Joe Biden has stated that all Americans are to wear face masks, the demand for masks in public has outstripped supply and with the increased costs from overseas manufacturers the domestic production of masks is called for. Having already supplied machines to fulfil NHS requirements for PPE in the UK, DCG Medical have the know-how and experience to support manufacturers in the USA.

DCG Medical also operate engineering support service to back up all our products installed globally.

“The Automatic High Speed Single Channel Face Mask Machine has been a great purchase and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It runs like a dream and is reliable and efficient. I am really glad that I decided to purchase from DCG Medical.” – Stuart Couthchie of Griffin Industries, USA

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