DCG Duck Type Face Mask Machine
DCG Medical Face Mask Production Lines Presentation

Medical Mask Production Lines Presentation

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DCG Duck Type Face Mask Machine

DCG Duck Type Face Mask Machine

Automatic degree Semi Automatic
Production speed 35-40 pcs /min
Equipment size 4447mm (L) × 2250mm (W) × 1704mm (H)
Ultrasonic generator 15K
Qualification rate of equipment 98% -99% (except when the incoming materials do not meet the production requirements or employees’ improper operation is excluded)
Equipment failure rate 2% (refers to the failure of the equipment itself)
Finished mask specifications adult 200 x 80MM#
Power 6 kw
Air consumption 0.6 MPa350L/min
Voltage 220V ±5﹪ 50HZ
Total weight 1200kg
Workers 1-2 worker /shift

DCG Duck Type Face Mask Machine

Duck Type Mask Machine

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